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High Range Water Reducing Agent

A high range water reducing compound and superplasticiser for free flowing concrete and high strength.

High Range Water Reducing Agent

High Range Water Reducing Agent

High Range Water Reducing Admixture for Bleed free Concrete

Air Entraining Agent

AT-PLAST (AEA) is a ready-to-use airentraining admixture for concrete.

Anti-freeze Water Reducing Agent

AT PLAST-ANTIFREEZE is a brownish or yellowish liquid admixture suitable for addition to mass, stressed and reinforced concrete. It is available in liquid form. It protects the concrete up to -10 to-120C. Effective with all types of OPC and SRC.

Normal Water Reducing Agent

A liquid water reducing agent based on modified Lignosulphonate.

Water Reducing cum Retarding Agent

AT-PLAST (NR) is a mid range water reducing cum set retarding agent which complies to IS: 9103 and ASTM C 494 Type B, D.

Pavement Quality Concrete Admixture

AT-PLAST (PQ) is a new generation of concrete admixture based on a blend of a specially selected organic polymer, combining the properties of super plasticizers with high range water reducing properties complying with ASTM C-494 and ASTMC-260.

Highly Modified Blended Polymer based Semi Hyper Plasticiser

Very High Range Water Reducing Admixture

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