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High Range Water Reducing Agent

A high range water reducing compound and superplasticiser for free flowing concrete and high strength.

High Range Water Reducing Agent

High Range Water Reducing Agent

Anti-freeze Water Reducing Agent

AT PLAST-ANTIFREEZE is a brownish or yellowish liquid admixture suitable for addition to mass, stressed and reinforced concrete. It is available in liquid form. It protects the concrete up to -10 to-120C. Effective with all types of OPC and SRC.

Normal Water Reducing Agent

A liquid water reducing agent based on modified Lignosulphonate.

Water Reducing cum Retarding Agent

AT-PLAST (NR) is a mid range water reducing cum set retarding agent which complies to IS: 9103 and ASTM C 494 Type B, D.

Pavement Quality Concrete Admixture

AT-PLAST (PQ) is a new generation of concrete admixture based on a blend of a specially selected organic polymer, combining the properties of super plasticizers with high range water reducing properties complying with ASTM C-494 and ASTMC-260.

Very High Range Water Reducing Admixture