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Poly Carboxylate based semi hyper plasticiser for free flowing concrete and high strength.


Complies to IS 9103, ASTM C 494 Type G, BS 5075 Part III.


AT-CARPOL (401) is used in the following situations:  In floor slabs and foundation, slender design with densely packed reinforcement, walls and columns, beams and ceilings, bridges and cantilever structures,  Precast concrete elements,  Pumping concrete and tunnel linings,  In areas of concrete where form work has to be removed quickly or early loading is to be applied  In construction of Dams  Specially Formulated For High Rise Buildings.


Substantial improvement in workability without increased water,  No risk of segregation,  Upto 30% water reduction,  Good surface finish even in slender components with packed reinforcement,  Does not contain any added chloride, i.e. chloride free,


0.2% to 1.2% by weight of Cement depending upon grade of concrete, workability and strength. AT-CARPOL (401) is compatible with all kinds of Portland cement.

Instructions for Use:

AT-CARPOL (401) is normally added to the mixing water before its addition to the dry mix, but in most cases it is added to the freshly mixed concrete. For the Ready Mix Concrete (RMC), AT-CARPOL (401) is added


Colour : Pale Yellow Specific Gravity : 1.10 + 0.02 Storage Conditions : Free from frost and protect from sunlight Shelf Life ` : 1 year in original container and packing

Precautions for Use:

ATPL products are generally harmless. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. In the event of contact with skin, wash with clean water immediately. Use rubber gloves while applying the product.