A valuable company in the construction chemical sector

With the constant evolution, in the infrastructure development sector, construction chemicals have become a product of utter prominence. Products like concrete admixtures, waterproofing & roofing, repair, flooring, sealants & adhesives, and others, not only enhance the durability of structures but also attributes, to protection from environmental hazards. The construction market is divided into residential, industrial/commercial, infrastructure and repair structures. Construction chemicals affiliate to the requirements of the burgeoning world population and increasing urbanization.

Despite the rising importance, Construction chemicals come at extravagant prices, which makes it difficult to afford. However, Ado Additive Technologies Ltd. better known as ATPL® Group, brings a myriad of Construction Chemicals to the table, at cost-effective prices. The Company has a remarkable rank in its sector, built upon uncompromising quality and commitment to delivery.

In the upcoming edition, “Company of the Year – 2020”, Business Connect India is focusing on Companies, who’ve surmounted many unprecedented challenges and worked meticulously to revamp with the evolution. ATPL® has accomplished a prized journey, reinforcing its stature with revolutionary mechanics, innovative practices and dexterous employees. Our Magazine feels proud to feature the Company on the Cover page.

Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd
. is an exceptionally experienced and renowned manufacturer of construction chemicals, having a leading PAN-India presence.  Headquartered in New Delhi, the Company is testified, for its deep emphasis on quality of products and scalable experience in construction and infrastructure. The foundation of ATPL® is built upon the passion, to work beyond the clients’ expectation and deliver industry-oriented products to become a partner of choice, for transformational experiences. The Company encompasses technically qualified and experienced professionals who can handle customer’s requirement instantaneously.

Construction chemicals are a sublime set of products, that attributes sustainable infrastructure and energy conservation in the construction industry. In light of this, Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd has devised a range of tailored products like Concrete/Mortar Admixtures, Waterproofing Compounds, Mould Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Shotcrete/Gunite Admixtures, Polymer/Epoxy Modified Repair Mortars & Bonding Agents. Acrylic and Polymer Modified Flexible Waterproofing Membranes, Expanding Grouts, Grouting Admixtures, Resin and Cement Capsules for Anchoring/Rock bolting, Floor Hardeners to name a few.

Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd was ushered into the industrial space by Mr. Sanjay Arora (Chairman & Managing Director). Sanjay has accomplished a notable career in the petrochemical space before growing in the Constructions industry. Coming from a humble, middle-class family having no business legacy, Sanjay had the burning desire to do something unique. He started his professional stint in 1986, working in an International Petrochemical Manufacturer. Forging ahead in 1993, he moved on to manufacturing of synthetic rubber adhesive in partnership and also laid down the initial foundation for an International construction chemical manufacturing unit. All was well until 2003 – he endured an unprecedented split, which left him in the void with a meagre bank balance. The situation devastated him to the core as he had children and old parents to support, which he was not able to.

But in that melancholic juncture, his wife became the profound source of his inspiration. Complementing her support, Sanjay asserts, “My wife, Anita Arora started working to facilitate our household needs and necessities. Simultaneously, she encouraged me to keep working on my passion”. Sanjay didn’t give up and started working on the huge potential and scope of Construction Chemical business in the country. Eventually, after a year of an uphill battle, he founded Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd in 2004. Initially, the brand started manufacturing adhesives and construction chemicals in smaller proportions.  Sanjay even went out of his way to sell products from door to door in his car.

Nevertheless, hard work and dedication pay off! Over the years, Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd has become a profound manufacturer of cost-effective and qualified products. The Company has been able to comprehend the market needs and develop products accordingly. With time, Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd unfurled its wings and brought three other ventures, under its shadow namely, Maple Leaf Electrovacs & Access Systems (P) Ltd.  (Smart home solutions), the authorized Indian dealer for Chamberlain Liftmaster (Germany) and Electrolux Central Vacuums System (U.S) and Galaxy 9 Tradelinkers, a sourcing agent rendering services to the International Market with expertise in home textiles, garments & durable goods. Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd has a registered office in New Delhi and has a fully functional manufacturing plant and a well-trained workforce who helps in building a robust image of the company.

In any product-oriented venture, R&D plays an indispensable purpose. Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd’s core functions are encircled, with in-depth R&D, which has helped them gain a new trajectory of growth and balance. The Company has its own R&D Centre, which keeps track of emerging innovations of the era. R&D helps them bring highly valued technologies, strategies and designs which gives a competitive advantage in the market. “We provide our customers with evolving products as per their changing requirements, at competitive prices”, says Sanjay.

Constant feedback of customers further attributes the Company’s proficiency. Their marketing team takes heed of feedback and co-ordinate with the R&D team to inculcate changes and increase the efficiency of products. At the same time, significant competition, for the best ideas within the innovation ecosystem attributes to the Company’s potential value. Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd is comprehensive towards the needs of its partners and stakeholders (contractors, sub-contractors or general consultants), catering to their needs – essentially what they’re gaining from the relationship.

The emergence of globalisation has stimulated the growth of the construction industry. As such, there has been an expanding interest for construction chemicals to improve proficiency and quality and impart significant lifecycle benefits to the structure put in place. Contemporary technologies have been the guiding force, for ATPL®. Adept infrastructure and knowledge about supplementary products have helped in understanding the nature of raw materials like Cement, Fly Ash, Rock Aggregates, Sand etc. to devise products that keep them in the driver seat and think ahead in case of changing technologies.

Amongst the others, Concrete Admixtures occupy the highest share in the market. Admixtures are used, in the first stage of construction. The market mainly consists of three types of admixtures – Ligno-based, SNF (Sulfonated Naphthalene Formaldehyde) & SMF (Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde)-based and PCE-based. The Asia-Pacific region has the highest consumption rate for admixtures owing to the huge number of infrastructure projects undertaken. ATPL® stands as the forefront of introducing the latest generation of concrete admixtures in the market.

On the other hand, technology provides vital assistance in upholding the quality of every product. At ATPL®, quality is determined upon meeting the customers’ expectation in terms of consumption and use. Every product undergoes stringent quality control parameters, which are monitored by talented experts. The quality benchmark is further upgraded by the R&D department constantly. “At every step of our production process, we ensure each batch is tested and goes through strict quality check”, asserts Sanjay.

In its 16 Years of business, Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd has grown as a leading brand, for construction chemicals across the country. The company stands proud, for supplying to numerous accomplished projects, across the country. They’ve been associated as Construction Chemicals supplier & Construction Chemicals technology partner for PAN India Metro, NHAI, Railway, PWD Projects. The exceptional quality has helped ATPL® cater to many esteemed clients like L&T, TATA, AFCONS, J. Kumar, GMR and many other.

The manufacturing space is one of the severely affected vertical in the industrial sector. Nation-wide lockdowns and consequent unemployment has forced the stoppage of operations and movement of products across the market. As such, to stay autonomous in this desolation is a back-breaking challenge for ATPL®. However, challenges create an unyielding posture of a foundation.

Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd kept constant communication with their partners, understanding their concerns to mould themselves in a way that benefits all. The positive attitude has helped them maintain a robust mindset to withstand the challenges. Prior to the lockdown, they anticipated the challenges; as such, they stockpiled raw materials to continue the supply chain, without any delays.

With the advent of COVID-19, companies had to re-configure their business framework to adapt to unprecedented changes like social distancing, work from home, etc.  On the same note, Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd launched its quarantine business policy and made necessary arrangements to work from home with access to data and servers to ensure freewheeling operations. Also, the leadership panel conducted daily Zoom meetings to monitor every employees’ well- being and keep them off self-isolation.

During the lockdown period, industries across all sectors had to layoff employees, and deduct their salaries. But, not at Ado Additives® Technologies Ltd. During the first two months, the Company’s directors had foregone their share of remuneration to support the employees and their families. The Company maintains a family-like atmosphere, where everyone supports others during times of need.

ATPL® has grown as a lucrative career choice. The Company maintains a robust work culture fueled with mutual support and trust. Employees’ efforts are recognized and rewarded to make them fathom their prominence in the Company. Instead of growing employees’ skills to match the companies needs, the Company often looks for ways to grow the company based on employees’ passions. Timely conversations with employees are conducted to understand their interests and how they would like to see their career unfold. The Company doesn’t follow any constricted framework rather a cohesive one where people keeps follow up of other departments as well.

A collaborative environment like this breeds innovation and interest. The unorthodox culture separates the team from the day-to-day mediocrity whilst keeping them engaged in their work. “As the organization evolved, the employees’ families were taken care of, their children are now studying in good schools and many employees now have their own houses as well”, says Sanjay. Many of its pilot employees are still associated with them because of the wholesome atmosphere.

Since the last few years, global construction chemicals market size has shown steady growth. In 2018, the market size was valued at $32.0 billion further foreseeing a  growth of $50.6 billion, by 2026 at a CAGR of 5.9%. The Company is aiming to be a part of this growth, by retaining its prestigious clients while expanding its venture to the South Asian region. ATPL® wishes to maintain its integrity and confidence towards customers to grow as an honest, reliable and helpful organisation.

(Article published in BusinessConnect at https://businessconnectindia.in/ado-additives/)