Adoadditives Technologies Pvt Ltd (ATPL) has been associated for over 10 years with India’s major infrastructure development initiatives such as Metro projects, Hydel power, roads and highways and real estate. We have established ourselves as one of the leading construction chemical manufacturer with a pan-India presence.

Over the years, we have observed that the Construction Industry has been primarily dependent on water for curing of concrete. But due to an acute scarcity of water and shortage of salt-free water (presence of sulphates and chlorides are undesirable), the industry’s focus shifted to the usage of other viable alternatives such as wax-based, resin-based and acryclic polymer type products. Ahhough these products are extensively used for curing purposes, they still have certain drawbacks. Realising the importance of water conservation and a lack of knowledge on curing of concrete, the industry constantly explored alternative products which save water, are easily applicable and simultaneously maintain the strength of concrete.

Considering these elements, ATPL has introduced water-based AT CURE WR-350, which is a non-film forming curing compound and a non-VOC product duly accredted by the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI).

It has various advantages as compared to conventional wax-based and Acrylic Polymer-type film-forming curing compound. This product when applied over concrete reacts with the free-lime inside concrete seaing the pores to prevent water evaporation. It has numerous beneficial properties such as ease of handling, no mechanical barriers, does not interfere with the patching materials, paint striping, and cold joints do not require removal. Besides, it’s also very effective in mitigating plastic shrinkage cracks in hot, windy and low humidity condition.

The AT CURE WR-350 is a single component product, which gives a light pink colour when applied on concrete to ensure the surface Is fully covered, The colour fades away within three to seven days from application depending on the penetration of sunlight.